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Sebastian Pasik

Teamleader Support / Key Accounts


All dreams can come true if we have the courage to follow them. (Walt Disney)


After my apprenticeship as a hotel clerk in a 4-star hotel in the Upper Black Forest, I gained another 5 years of professional experience in various areas of the hotel industry. During this time, I continued my education to become a hotel business administrator and joined Viato in 2012.



Melanie Mottl

Support Specialist


All you need is less.

After my apprenticeship as a hotel manageress and 11 years of professional experience in the hotel industry, I wanted to get to know another side of the industry and ended up at Viato.



Dominik Klausmann

Support Specialist


You cannot give more days to life, but you can give more life to days. (Chinese wisdom)


After having passed the apprenticeship "hotel specialist with additional qualification hotel management" with distinction,
I gained several years of experience in the chain and private hotel business. After a detour into accounting, I worked at the reception and in the reservation department. Since 2016 I am part of the support team at Viato.



Paul Diser

Support Specialist (apprentice IT systems management specialist)


An obstacle is often a stepping stone. (William Prescott)

After graduating from high school, I embarked on a short journey through various career paths. I worked in gastronomy, as a youth social worker and as a university student of education, and finally found my calling at Viato. Here I am completing my training as an IT systems management specialist and am now in my third year.



Osama Mazouzi

Support Specialist apprentice IT systems management specialist)


Happiness is the only thing that doubles when it is shared. (Albert Schweitzer)

I became interested in IT at a very early age. Direct and intensive contact with our partners is very important to me.. At Viato, I have found the optimal apprenticeship for me.



Alexandra Egertz

Junior Account Manager


Positivity is a superpower

My passion for the hotel industry already started when I was a teenager, which expanded during my traineeship at a 5* Hotel in Aschau am Chiemsee. I moved from Munich to Freiburg to successfully complete my university degree in Tourism Management. I started working for Viato at the beginning of 2021 and I can’t be any happier.



Cristina Bauer

Sales & Marketing


You have to dance life! (Friedrich Nietzsche)

My passion for tourism began early and I knew that I wanted to gain a foothold somewhere in this industry. Only where, whether incoming or outgoing tourism was not clear to me from the beginning. So I tried out different jobs and areas, such as working abroad, at a tourist information office and finally completed my training as a tourism specialist. I worked for a large tour operator for a few years, until I was drawn back to sunny Freiburg and have been with Viato since 2017.



Katharina Mattern

Sales & Marketing


Be yourself the CHANGE you want from the world. (Mahatma Ghandi)

From heart a hotelier, via the star hotel business, studies with the Heidelbergers, marketing with a PMS provider, I finally landed at Viato and arrived well.


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