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Direct bookings with the Viato Bookin Engine

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Viato Buchungsmaschine (IBE)

Your guests want to be able to book rooms directly via the website and without going through one of the hotel platforms. This means no loss of revenue for you due to commissions to the hotel platforms.

Therefore we have developed a configurable booking engine (BookingEngine),which is individually tailored to your accommodation. Create added value and excellent service for your guests.

In addition to the 24/7 possibility for your guests to book rooms, the Viato Internet Booking Engine on your website opens up completely new possibilities for increasing sales far beyond simple bookings and reservations. You can use it to offer and sell special arrangements and services even in advance of a stay, and use these offers to manage demand yourself. Whether wellness, entertainment, food and drink - create needs for your guests long before they arrive and thus maintain an overview and planning security. You profit and guests look forward to their upcoming stay.




Your benefits



Direct bookings

Direct booking of rooms through your own website (no commission to hotel platforms).


Extra revenues

Additional sales of arrangements and services.



Easy usability

Intuitive navigation for the user and booking processes tailored to the target group.



Direct price comparison tool with the portals on your hotel's own website and input of direct booking bonuses.


Become a good online host too!

Find out more about how you can optimize your online sales with the right products and services.