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Viato ChannelManager

Good hosts have the overview


For optimal occupancy of rooms, it is helpful to offer them on the right distribution channels. However, with the multitude of different booking portals, the complexity also increases. Where is my room currently being offered and booked at what conditions? The Viato ChannelManager answers these questions with ease. It also supports you in the individual control of availabilities, prices and restrictions in each channel.

With the Viato ChannelManager, the smooth interconnection of all portals is made possible in one tool and at a glance. This optimizes occupancy and avoids revenue losses due to unrealized bookings.

Manage your bookings easily and flexibly with just a few clicks and a minimum of time. We have not only programmed and developed the Viato ChannelManager especially for you, but also support you in setting up, administration and the individualization of your requirements.



Your benefits




Online sales are optimized through increased visibility and findability on the Internet.


Time savings

Reduction of daily data handling to a minimum through simple and centralized management of all portals.


Autom. return of booking information

Two-way connection to certified hotel software (PMS). Reservations are automatically entered into the occupancy plan.



Task manager

Dynamic pricing depending on occupancy and automated adjustment of prices and restrictions (yielding).


Flexible interfaces

Large selection of portals with booking portal specific up and down fees, as well as splitting options of availability to the portals.


Multi-Property handling

Manage multiple properties easily and effectively with one account.

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