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A website must do more than just look good if it is to sell. Your website is both your business card and an important part of your sales concept. It must function and visually inspire. However, if it's not functionally designed, even the most beautiful look won't help and your guests will be gone before they've even checked in.

Therefore, always keep this aspect of online sales in mind as well. Because you can only realize direct bookings from your guests via your own website.

Every website from Viato is a combination of valuable visuals and reliable technology - the basis for sustainable success. We specialize in web designs for hotels and everything that goes with it: from online booking and the content management system to the mobile view for convenient operation on smartphones and tablets.



Viato Content Management System - The CMS for Hotels

Simply put, a Content Management System (CMS),is a software to manage the content of your website yourself and update it as needed. This allows you to implement changes just as quickly and easily as structural changes. The Viato Content Management System meets these requirements perfectly. In addition, the Viato CMS offers you, with the appropriate extension, the possibility to optimize your website for search engines.




Viato CMS



Viato Buchungsmaschine

Commission-free bookings and modules to increase sales

Benefit from direct bookings through your own website by integrating the Viato Internet Booking Engine (IBE). Bookings completely without commissions increase your profits directly and sustainably.

In addition to the 24/7 possibility for your guests to book rooms, you can sell special arrangements and additional services online in advance. The arrangements created can then be transferred to the Internet Booking Engine with a simple click of the mouse and then categorized and edited specifically for display on the website.





Good hosts are always available and up to date!

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