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Viato Content Management System

The CMS for good hosts

The Viato Content Management System (CMS) is modular, so that every customer can put together his system according to the respective requirements and preferences. In addition to ready-made modules, there is of course the possibility to develop enhancements according to your needs and field of application.

The purpose of the CMS is to give you full control over the content of your website. This allows you to keep your website always up to date and without programming skills or the support of an expert. So you don't need to rely on others, after all trust is good, but: your website as a source of information is only as useful as the information provided on it is up to date. It is not only the design that ultimately determines the long-term success of a web presence, but it is interesting and up-to-date content that attracts visitors to your website again and again. A positive side effect of regularly maintained content is that the ranking in search engines (e.g. Google) improves.

The content of a website includes text, photos and videos and no website can be imagined without them. Therefore, their administration with the help of a CMS must be coherent and easy to understand for everyone. The integration of different contents with only a few clicks is easily possible with the Viato CMS, as well as the creation of professional picture galleries.

Unfortunately, a web presence with a lot of content usually lacks structure. This is both for the visitor of the website and for the positioning in search engines usually strongly disadvantageous. To prevent this, the structure of the main menu and submenu can be changed and optimized at any time in the Viato CMS. Internal redirects are possible via links and teasers, small images and text sections that attract the visitor specifically to a certain subpage.

The entire Viato CMS, if used regularly, can already give you a significant advantage over your competitors in terms of search engine visibility. With the help of the SEO tool, a CMS extension especially for search engine optimization, you can specifically optimize the description texts ("meta data") of individual content pages. Due to the higher position in search engines, more visitors will find your website and thus you will get more bookings.

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Your benefits




Even in its basic configuration, it enables easy administration of page content, structuring of page navigation, search engine optimization, and much more.




Like all our products, Viato CMS can be configured to meet the specific needs of the hotel and tourism industry.




For example, the Arrangement Tool can be integrated, allowing you to directly synchronize the offers on your website with our Viato Internet Booking Engine.


Good hosts are always available and up to date!


When designing the website, you can choose from two options:

Create the website yourself using our design templates or hire us to implement a custom design.